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About Us

Multiwash Sdn Bhd, then known as Speed Wash Laundry Sdn Bhd, has its humble beginning on 20 May 1991 with the acquisition of land at Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya, to build a custom designed laundry plant with high-tech machines from Europe. As a family run business, Multiwash's emphasis on continuity, progress, efficiency, highest customer service standards and care for the environment, commits all family members to take a hands-on and pro-active approach in ensuring that the objectives are met.

Today, Multiwash Sdn Bhd prides itself as being the only laundry operator in Klang Valley with a Tunnel Wash System and with a manpower of 80, is capable of producing 30 metric tonnes of laundry daily. Multiwash does not rests on its laurels but instead strive to further excel and expand in view of future demands. Multiwash has also transformed itself from the traditional style of management in order to stay ahead of this competition and has thus, built an organisation that is professionally run and capable of handling any eventualities without compromising on set standards.

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To provide the highest standards of laundry and customer services with emphasis on speed and environmentally friendly practices.


To be the leading commercial laundry operator in Klang Valley.

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